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  • When were you created ?

    The committee has existed since 2006 under the name of Cercle HEC, and since 2014 under the current name.

  • What is your mission ?

    We aim to defend the interests of students, through the direct link we have with the deanship, to help them in case of problems or doubts, but also to energize student life throughout the year.

  • How can i contact you ?

    you can find ways to contact us by directly clicking on this question

  • Why you should join us ?

    Joining the association will allow you to participate in and organize highly enriching events. Additionally, it will bring you closer to the world of management, economics, and the faculty at UNIGE, enabling you to build your own network.

  • A little resume of what we are 😉

    The GSEM Committee at the University of Geneva serves as a vital student association with a twofold mission. Firstly, we are dedicated to championing the interests of our fellow students by maintaining a direct and robust connection with the deanship. This link enables us to provide swift assistance and guidance to students facing problems or doubts throughout their academic journey, ensuring they have a seamless and supportive experience. Secondly, our commitment extends beyond problem-solving to the vibrant enrichment of student life. Throughout the year, we organize technical training sessions to equip our members with essential skills, which they then apply during diverse workshops. We also curate conferences and networking events on campus, fostering connections between students and professionals in managerial and economic sectors. The aim of the GSEM Committee is to equip our members with the acumen and capabilities necessary to excel in the managerial and economic sectors. We aspire to produce individuals who are poised to become top-tier recruits, primed to make impactful contributions to their respective fields. Our association is guided by a set of unwavering values: excellence, team spirit, respect, diversity, and ethics. These principles serve as the bedrock for all our endeavors, ensuring that we consistently uphold the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. To achieve these goals,we mainly organize : 1. Conferences allow students to learn about current topics. 2. Workshops in collaboration with our partners, providing students with the opportunity to briefly explore the world of work. 3. Evenings because it's essential to unwind from time to time. 4. Sporting events to bring students together and foster team spirit within the faculty. Our office is located on the 5th floor, office N°5324. We will be happy to welcome you there and provide you with information if you feel the need.