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The GSEM Committee is the representative association of students from the GSEM faculty at the University of Geneva.

The committee has existed since 2006 under the name of Cercle HEC, and since 2014 under the current name.

We aim to defend the interests of students, through the direct link we have with the deanship, to help them in case of problems or doubts, but also to energize student life throughout the year.

To do this, we mainly organize

  • Conferences, to allow students to learn about current topics;
    Workshops, in collaboration with our partners, to offer students the opportunity to briefly discover the world of work;
    Evenings, because you must not forget to decompress from time to time;
    Sporting events, in order to bring students together and create a team spirit within the faculty.
    Our office is on the 5th floor, office N°5324. We will be happy to welcome you there and provide you with information if you feel the need.




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